X-Wing Atmospheric Assault – Ground Combat GO!


Hey all!

Thought I’d share some of my work on a little project I like to call…


I’ve seen rumblings in the community about wanting to play the Battle of Hoth, and while reading articles on people trying to make their own combat engines and painting AT-ATs and the like, I realized I had an old Battle of Hoth model kit out on my front porch. I eagerly rushed out to investigate what came with it, and joyously held up two AT-ATs, a single AT-ST, a handful of Snowspeeders, and dozens of small Trooper models for both Rebels and Empire. I immediately pulled them inside and began to paint them…

AT-AT number one near completion, number two waiting in the background for attention….


Eventually, I had both AT-AT’s painted, as well as a prototype Rebel Soldier paint job (I wanted something more universal than battle of Hoth, so I went with browncoat colors!), and some work on a Snowspeeder and the one AT-ST.

If you look closely you can see the Snowspeeder poking it’s shoulder around a paint bottle!

At this point, I realized that all my work would be for naught if I didn’t have rules to play with them! So, armed with creativity, some heavy brainstorming, and a few ideas from another player who took a similar route, I started developing my own set of rules, hopefully simple enough that anyone could pick them up, and similar enough that it would feel like a real expansion to X-Wing. While I’m still working on writing down all the rules, I’ve come to a pretty solid core to this new expansion, dubbed “atmospheric assault”, designed for a fusion of starfighter and ground combat. Without further ado, here’s a handful of cards from the set I’ve been designing!

AT-AT - Maximillian Veers

General Veers clocks in as the strongest of AT-AT Pilots. The purple number replacing the normal blue of the Shield stat represents Armor, which blocks normal hits and reduces Crits to normal hits.

AT-ST - Scout Force Pilot

A standard AT-ST Pilot. Normal-size vehicles like this and rebel speeder tanks will be mounted on normal bases.

Imperial Infantry - Dark Trooper Squad

I forsee Dark Troopers seeing a lot of action in Lambda Shuttles. Infantry can be placed in Crew slots on ships, and my deploy when that ship lands!

I’ll leave you with those three spoilers for now, check back often for more info and eventually rules on Atmospheric Assault! Until then, I’ll see you all in the next post!







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